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Miiverse redesign inbound, replaces activity feed, adds screenshot album

Nintendo is overhauling its social platform Miiverse for the Wii U this summer, replacing the activity feed with a play journal and adding a new screenshot album, the company announced.

No specific date was included in today's news.

The screenshot album will hold up to 100 screenshots in a private album that can be used to "build up a collection of memories from the games you love."


The play journal, which replaces activity feeds, will allow you to write a journal entry about games as you play them. You create an entry by opening the Miiverse during gameplay. When you create the new entry it will automatically capture a screenshot of what was happening when you started journaling. Software that doesn't support screenshot capture, won't include them in the entries, but all others will.

The Miiverse is also being redesigned to categorize posts for games as play journal entries, drawings or discussions.

Finally, once the redesign goes live, Nintendo will increase the number of posts a person can create in the Miiverse within a day to a total of 30. In-game posts won't be included in that number.

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