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Thomas Was Alone gets the 3D treatment with limited-edition 'action' blocks

Thomas Was Alone's intricate, detailed characters have been faithfully recreated as "action figures" in celebration of the game's third anniversary.

Each package is priced at £20 and includes four characters — Thomas, Chris, John and Claire (who actually floats) — and are available in an extremely limited run. They're signed by the sculptor, Kerry Dyer, and Thomas Was Alone creator Mike Bithell.

"Thomas looked around his newly three dimensional surroundings," the description reads. "Had the world decided to, through waning success, swiftly build some kind of higher resolution rerelease? Was this, he shuddered, fan art? He felt heavy, plastic. He was suddenly aware of the concepts of being both heavy, and plastic. It was with crushing dread, that Thomas realized he had become merchandise."

You can pick up a pack, while they last, over on Kerry Dyer's website — according to Bithell, they're already at 13 percent stock. For more on the game, check out our review.