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I Expect You to Die lets you be the most incompetent spy ever in VR

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Here's the situation: You're firmly strapped into the seat of a deathtrap-filled car, which is parked inside of a cargo plane, which is also full of poison gas. That's the premise of the early demo for (the aptly titled) I Expect You to Die, a VR game from Schell Games, that's equal parts Escape the Room and Surgeon Simulator. Which is to say, you have to solve puzzles while also making a terrible, violent mess out of your environment.

Oculus Rift's early adopters can pick up the game's single-stage demo for free on the Oculus Share website — but if you're not in possession of a developer kit, you can watch Justin and me play through the demo in the preview above. It is NSFW, because defusing bombs is stressful.

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