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Brain-controlled game allows players to co-op against aliens

Two years ago, scientist David Schwarz made a Pong game that was controlled using brain waves. Now he's created a more complicated co-op game in which two players work together using brain-controls.

PsyPod is a defense game in which two players are tasked with protecting a baby robot. Using a special headset, they fight waves of enemies coming from the left and right sides of the screen. Schwarz is using the game to interest science camp visitors to Duke University.


"Using an electroencephalography headset, you fire a beam that takes the power of a specific frequency in your brain and shoots it," explained Schwarz. "Essentially, you shoot with your mind. I'm considering adding more enemy types and adding more polish. Once it's in the best of shape, I'll release the source and the game for free for schools to use to get kids engaged in neuroscience."

The next level of puzzles.

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