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FutureGrind is Uniracers meets Tony Hawk

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Are you a fan of Trials? How about Tony Hawk? Or OlliOlli? Uniracers? Joe Danger? If you answered yes to a single one of these questions, here's a game that needs to be on your radar, starting immediately: FutureGrind.

Here's the premise: you control a Grinder, a sort of upright, futuristic stunt vehicle. On your grinder are two wheels: one blue, one red. Your goal is to make it to the end of a track consisting entirely of rails: the red wheel can grind on red rails, the blue wheel can grind on blue rails, and the white rails are wheel-agnostic. Touch the wrong wheel to the wrong rail and you explode, forcing you to start the level all over again. Combined with a jetpack that lets you double-jump and float, the resulting game is a fast-paced, stunt-driven 2D/3D survival racer, focused entirely on chaining together tricks, pulling off stunts and not dying.

As part of Sony's ongoing effort to get virtually every indie game in the history of human existence onto the PlayStation 4, the company quietly announced back in February FutureGrind would be making its way to the platform early in 2016, alongside the PC and Mac versions. Above, watch as we play through FutureGrind's E3 2015 show floor floor demo, and die about a billion times in the process.

FutureGrind releases Q1 2016 on PlayStation 4, Windows and Mac.

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