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Here are the new Ghostbusters in costume

It was only a few days ago we got to see the new Ghostbusters' updated Ecto-1 station wagon; how fitting, a 30-year-old wagon for a modern set of 'busters. And now, thanks to what appears to be a leak — though it's hard to tell when director Paul Feig is happy to share plenty himself — we have our first look at the four new Ghostbusters, in (almost) full costume.

Okay, so we're missing the proton packs — which look like this by the way — but how about Kate McKinnon's total cartoon Egon hair? And that red stripe? While these jumpsuits appear to be pre-branding, missing the iconic Ghostbusters symbol, the crew's motorcycle includes it. Wait, motorcycle?

Ghostbusters motorcycle (from NeoGAF)

Posted by user KalBalboa on NeoGAF, along with plenty of other behind-the-scenes shots, the motorcycle brings to mind not the original series but, again, the cartoon's myriad methods of Ecto-branded travel. Here's another shot of the bike, via io9:

And lastly, here's a video of the new Ecto-1 and the new Ghostbusters in action, via CBR:

This is so cool! #ghostbusters #whoyagonnacall #melissamccarthy

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