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Green Lantern Corps. film confirmed to be in production

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This morning's Warner Bros. Pictures panel at San Diego Comic-Con confirmed: the company is planning another movie based on the DC Comics character known as the Green Lantern. And all of his friends.

At the beginning of the DC Comics portion of the panel, Warner Bros. displayed a list of upcoming superhero film projects, including those we know, like Batman v Superman, Wonder Woman, Aquaman and The Flash, and one more that had not previously been confirmed. That title was Green Lantern Corps.

The Green Lantern Corps. is the interstellar peace-keeping force to which every Green Lantern belongs, including, of course, the numerous Green Lanterns of Earth. Hal Jordan has already gotten his own (poorly received) solo film from Warner Bros., and this news raises hope that we might see some of his other human counterparts share the stage. Foremost among those characters is the Green Lantern John Stewart (above, center), who a generation of kids have grown up knowing as a founding member of the Justice League, thanks to the Justice League cartoon.

Not much is known about the project other than its title, but Chris Pine has lately been heavily rumored to have been offered the role of Hal Jordan (or, of Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman).