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Witness the bloody fate of two lovers in PS4 horror game Until Dawn

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Content warning: This video contains serious blood and gore, swear words and a teensy bit of sexual content.

If you're planning to play Until Dawn, Sony and Supermassive Games' upcoming homage to horror flicks, you'd better be ready for some gore. And we mean serious, disgusting, unsettling gore. This is a game where every character has a chance of dying, and some of them almost certainly will — in gross, horrific ways.

Case in point: the video above. We recently got to spend some time with a preview build of Until Dawn containing the first four chapters of the game. Rather than spoil the whole thing, we cut together a video featuring one of the multiple story threads being explored. Join us as we take on the roles of Mike and Jess, two young lovers who just want to go hang out alone in a cabin in the middle of the woods.

Let's just say things don't go well.

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