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Batman v Superman may not be terrible, according to this fan-made gif

Man of Steel was criticized due to the level of destruction and violence caused during the fights on Earth, but now that we know more about the plot of Batman v Superman all that destruction may be put into a bit more context. There could, in fact, be a very good reason all these super people are frowning at each other in the rain all the time.

This gif is based on a brief moment in the Comic Con footage, and a fan put it together with the right scene from Man of Steel. So now we've seen the battle from the point of view of the gods, as well as the people on the ground, and that's not a good look for Superman.

Here's the animation in question:

bvs gif 2

Zach Snyder loves grimdark, and every bit of marketing drives home the fact that this is not the Superman that fans of the original films, myself included, may want. His mother gives him an out if he doesn't want to help people. He's shown as an unknowable being of power, not a beacon of love and hope. From the ground, watching the death and destruction Superman brought to Earth, of course Bruce Wayne is pissed off.

This gives the whole film more context, even if you may not ultimately agree with this take on the characters and their choices.

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