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How Trove blends Minecraft, MMO mechanics, Candyland and fancy dinosaurs

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To call Trove, Trion Worlds' recently-launched, free-to-play MMO, a Minecraft clone is to sell it short. Though it shares Minecraft's voxel-based aesthetic and cube harvesting components, the most interesting stuff Trove does has nothing to do with Mojang's opus at all. Like, for instance, there are dozens of unique dungeons and keeps to raid for loot, classes to unlock and inventive biomes to explore, including one that is made entirely of candy. It's proving really addictive — if you can put up with the over 40-minute server queues, that is.

Check out the video above to see Phil and me run through the different mechanics in Trove, and tune into a surprisingly accurate in-game rendition of Johnny Cash's "Ring of Fire." Also, we ride around on a raptor wearing a top hat. Man, what doesn't this Overview have?

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