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How BioShock's art director and a Southern musician helped create The Flame in the Flood

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When The Flame in the Flood launched its Kickstarter, what drew it so much attention was its trailer. A woman and her dog, buffeted by the waters of a terrible storm, lost and trying to survive long enough to make it just a little bit further.

It was the product of the unique style of Scott Sinclair, previously the art director on both BioShock and BioShock Infinite, coupled with the soulful Southern music of Chuck Ragan.

That trailer resonated with backers, more than 7,400 of them, and helped push the development of the game forward to today, where it's been released in an early beta form. Soon, it will go up for sale through Steam's Early Access program.

Polygon sat down with Forrest Dowling, designer of The Flame in the Flood, to talk about the journey to his game's first beta release and where the team goes from here.

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