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Valve is accepting applications for the wild Steam controller's developer edition

Developers hoping to wrap their hands around the Steam controller can apply to receive one, thanks to a Steam Community forum form saying it's available to "select developers."

Valve asks applicants to describe the product they wish to use with the controller, it's expected release date, the size of the development team and other standard data like contact information.

"Experience a new level of precise control for your favorite games," Valve's description reads."The Steam Controller lets you play your entire collection of Steam games on your TV—even the ones designed without controller support in mind. The Steam Controller features dual trackpads, HD haptic feedback, dual-stage triggers, back grip buttons, and fully-customizable control schemes. Find your favorite mappings in the Steam Community, or create and share your own."

Valve's consumer page for the Steam controller lists a Nov. 10 release — the same day that console-like Steam Machines will arrive in retail stores. Controller pre-orders are available for $49.99. For more, be sure to read Polygon's hands-on impressions of the final hardware. You can also watch our hand-on experience with an earlier version in the video below.

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