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League of Legends ranked gameplay suspended as Riot works to fix bug

Riot last night took ranked play offline in its popular League of Legends game as they worked to fix a bug that impacted all of the characters in the competitive title.

The bug cropped up yesterday, making teleportation back to home base nearly instantaneous for all champions. The Recall spell is typically used to return to home base when a character is low on health or mana. Before the bug hit, using Recall took a few seconds, leaving the character vulnerable as they waited to teleport.

Last night after noticing the bug spread from one character to the rest, Riot disabled rank play, according to the official site.

"We're currently working to fix a bug with the Recall spell," an update on the service status page shortly after 9 p.m. ET reads. "Unfortunately, this particular issue can't be mitigated by disabling a specific champion or item so we've temporarily disabled Ranked while we develop a solution. We will update you all with our progress in 12 hours."

Ranked matches are available to players once they hit level 30. League of Legends has a healthy level of professional, competitive play with a number of international tournaments held throughout the year.

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