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Holy Arrested Development, Batman: Michael Cera is Robin in the Lego Batman Movie

In a veritable Bluth family reunion, when Will Arnett's Batman returns in The Lego Batman Movie, Michael Cera will be along for the ride, reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Batman was unexpected breakout character of The Lego Movie, which is a very strange thing to be a truthful statement. It's not so surprising that one of the best known superheroes of the modern media landscape was notably involved in a film, but it was the Lego Movie's specific version of Batman that struck a chord with viewers. A petty, self-absorbed jerk not nearly as suave as his all-black aesthetic might imply.

These days it's not surprising that the unexpectedly popular secondary character from an unexpectedly popular animated film would get a spinoff movie devoted to them, even without the added benefit of being based on a major superhero. But with much of the team that put The Lego Movie together on board to shepherd The Lego Batman Movie to screens, we can expect the transition from joke character to lead to be relatively smooth.

To aid that transition, fellow Arrested Development veteran Michael Cera has joined the voice cast of The Lego Batman Movie as Robin. I can't wait to see what incarnation of Robin would don the suit when Batman isn't so much a stable mentor as a gravely-voiced blowhard.

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