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Goodbye Satoru Iwata
Goodbye Satoru Iwata
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Farewell Iwata, we'll miss you

Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata was laid to rest this week in Kyoto, Japan. It was a testament to how loved he was that so many braved typhoon weather to remember a man who not only shaped the face of modern Nintendo, but in many ways the future of gaming.

And it wasn't just the more than 4,000 who attended the two-day service in Japan that offered their memories and tributes to Iwata and Nintendo.

For nearly a week now, developers, artists, media, gamers and fans have flooded the internet with their well-wishes and respect for Nintendo and the man who led it.

We've put together a gallery of just a few of those images, videos and thoughts to share with you and to run as a compendium to the many notes of farewell sent us for Iwata from developers around the world.

Jonathan Mann, who once created and performed a Mario Opera, sings his own tribute in the video below.

John Riggs decided the best way to pay his respects to Iwata's memory was to create a touching, playable tribute to the developer using one of Iwata's very first games: Balloon Fight.

Below you'll find a gallery of wonderful art inspired by Iwata's passing, and some beautiful music from Super Mario Galaxy.

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