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Star Wars Battlefront alpha goes live; Star Wars Battlefront footage leaks


The Star Wars Battlefront closed alpha went live on PC today and with it came a flood of leaked images and videos.

In the footage above, we see snowtroopers taking on rebels in a battle raging across a massive snowscape. The minimalistic user interface seems to show objectives, a minimap and extra abilities. The battlefield crawls with players and at one point a voice can be heard stating that an enemy bomber has locked onto "our Walker."

Later in the video, the player calls for AT-ST support and a few seconds later spawns inside the All-Terrain Scout Transport.

Star Wars Battlefront is in development by DICE for a November release on the PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

The alpha appears to feature the two modes and maps shown off at E3: a cooperative Tattooine map and a massive 40-player battle on Hoth featuring a Walker assault.

You can watch the official launch trailer below.

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