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Jurassic World's toy dinos are once more 'clever girls'

Jurassic World's plethora of plastic dinosaurs are once more being recognized as the giant people-eating clever females that they are in the movie.

A Hasbro spokesperson told Polygon this morning that the online descriptions of the toys, which used either the word "he" or "it" to describe the lizard ladies, have since been corrected. Those descriptions were never included on in-store box art, the spokesperson added.

"Any inaccurate info for the Jurassic World dinosaurs on our website was an oversight and is being updated with the correct information," the spokesperson wrote in an email to Polygon. "The packaging for the Jurassic World toys is correct, so no changes needed."

In the 1993's Jurassic Park, Dr. Henry Wu made it clear that all of the animals in the park are female. In Jurassic World, the key dinos are all referred to as female.

Originally, online descriptions of the toys on Hasbro's site described the toys as male. One production description read: "Meet the new king of Jurassic World: Indominus Rex!" It now reads: "Meet the new queen of Jurassic World: Indominus Rex." Other's haven't yet been changed including one that reads:  "The Jurassic World Chomping Tyrannosaurus rex towers over its prey and bites with a vengeance, using push-button chomping action!"

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