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Watch five minutes of absolute, cinematic Dishonored mastery

I used to think I understood Dishonored, and was pretty good at it. This video removed that feeling pretty efficiently.

There's not much to add here; this is mastery of Dishonored, and it's fun as hell to watch. It's one thing to be good at a game, but it's quite another to combine complete domination of so many skills along with a great plan and creativity when it comes to finishing a mission.

Like the other video from this individual we've posted, this isn't a speedrun as much as it's an attempt to show off some skills while making each kill as interesting as possible.

It's not about just knowing where to go, watch the player move smoothly and land exactly where they mean to.

We know how "easy" it would be to move past this room, so why not do so in the most interesting way possible?

This one cracks me up every time.

This isn't violence, it's art.

I felt like standing up and clapping at the end. I hope more of these videos are on the way.

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