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Scott Pilgrim creator's new comic, Snotgirl, will be 'funny and fucked up'

Snotgirl, the newly announced comic series from artist Leslie Hung and Brian Lee O'Malley, the creator of Scott Pilgrim, is going to be "funny and fucked up" according to its writer. Announced today at Image Expo in San Francisco, Snotgirl focuses on Lottie, a successful fashion blogger who suffers from horrible allergies. It will include murder and bodily fluids.

During a press conference at the event, O'Malley and Hung spoke about their inspiration for the project.

"We're always talking about our allergies," said O'Malley. We thought "What if there's this girl who has allergies and maybe she can take a pill and be beautiful for a little while [...] Leslie and I were just talking about ideas, and we just had this flow of ideas organically."

While O'Malley stressed that the two are co-creating and co-plotting Snotgirl, he said that he will handle "the brute force of the writing" while Hung will handle art on the project.

"We asked what do we have in common that we both wanted to make a comic about," said Hung.

"We both like beautiful people and fashion and social media," said O'Malley. "We both like emotions — especially sad and embarrassing ones. I really like writing dark comedy. So its been a very natural process.

"Just making up these characters has been so much fun, with all their deranged layers."

The series' name has already made a bit of a splash. "It has snot in the title, so some people have reacted negatively to that online already," said O'Malley. "You know what? Life is gross!" laughed O'Malley.

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