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Evo 2015 Street Fighter champion prevails despite broken stick (correction)

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Equipment failures happen all the time in sports: bats break, tennis racket strings snap, shoes fly off in basketball. Play is stopped and the situation is fixed. But it seems a lot more calamitous when it's a video game, particularly the final of the biggest fighting game tournament in the world.

Momochi, facing Gamerbee in the grand final of EVO 2015's Ultra Street Fighter 4 tournament got what must be every fighter's worst nightmare: a disconnection notice just as the second round began, with Momochi leading 1-0.

EVO 2015 rules stipulate that if an equipment failure occurs while a game is in progress, the fighter with the malfunction must forfeit that round. Correction: Gamerbee accepted the forfeit of that round. An earlier version of this story said he hadn't.

Unfortunately for Gamerbee — who had been on a tremendous, crowd-pleasing run — his sportsmanship didn't get a karmic reward. Momochi took the final 3-2.

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