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Batman v Superman, Man of Steel fan edit shows why Batman hates Superman

We're already seen a great fan-made gif that shows just how closely Batman v Superman is sticking to Man of Steel; the films overlap in ways that should give extra meaning and context to Zack Snyder's original Superman film.

Take another look:

bvs gif 2

A longer fan edit takes that scene from Man of Steel and cuts in Bruce Wayne in a way that shows the conflict from both points of view. It helpfully highlights what Snyder is going for by seemingly turning Batman v Superman into a criticism of Superman as seen through Batman's eyes. The final scene in the edit is fan-inspired fantasy, but the rest of it works very well.

It's interesting that this fan-made stuff does a much better job at selling the movie than the official trailers and hints have so far. Batman v Superman hits theaters on March 25, 2016.

Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice teaser

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