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See Monster Hunter X's major franchise changes in action

Last month, we learned that the recently-announced Monster Hunter X (also known as Monster Hunter Cross) will be bringing some big additions to Capcom's long-running franchise. The details came courtesy of a video from YouTuber Adam "Gaijin Hunter" Evanko.

Now Evanko is back with a new video actually showing off the game in action.

In the video above, Evanko has taken stream footage from Capcom's Japanese Monster Hunter summer event. In addition to giving us a look at the game in action, Evanko has done great work translating major details and explaining what's happening on-screen.

Most notably, the video shows off some new environments and monsters, as well as the new hunting styles system. In the beginning, for example, you're able to see the aerial hunting style in action, which adds some impressive-looking backflips and somersaults to the hunter's arsenal.

At the end of the video, the Japanese release date for Monster Hunter X is revealed: Nov. 28, 2015. The game has not yet been announced for a Western release. Evanko is urging viewers to tweet about Monster Hunter X using the hashtag "#mhxforthewest" to show Capcom that you want it.

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