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Mario's 8-bit amiibo hits Europe Sept. 11, and we'd like 10 of each variation

The 8-bit Mario amiibo — which is gorgeous — will be available in two variations, the first of which will arrive in Europe on Sept. 11.

According a tweet from Nintendo of Europe, the "Classic Colours" amiibo arrives first, sporting the red and brown plumber's outfit from Super Mario Bros. A "Modern Colors" edition, in which Mario's hair and t-shirt are more familiar colors, will be released Oct. 23.

We've contacted Nintendo of America for information about stateside releases, and we'll update this article with more information as we receive it.

The Sept. 11 date coincides with the release of Super Mario Maker, the upcoming Wii U game that will allow you to create your own diabolical 2D side-scrolling levels, in addition to the 100 levels that will ship with the game. Last month, Nintendo announced that Super Mario Maker's support for the toy-like amiibo will let you play as certain characters who aren't Italian plumbers.

For more on Super Mario Maker, be sure to read Polygon's recent hands-on impressions and watch the video below.