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GeekGirlCon cosplayer: 'I'm not gonna hide who I am'

Something interesting happens when a cosplayer is interviewed. It's easy to see the individual as the character when they're quiet, but once they begin to tell their story you see the person behind the outfit. The shift between character and fan is fluid as they adjust their body language and vocal patterns.

A quick suggestion: Finish the video before reading the rest of this post.

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"I love Kayla's interview because she completely honest about how reporter's have approached her with a preconceived notion of what her life story must be and how inaccurate those assumptions are," Cosplay Boom director Todd Kenreck told Polygon. "You need to set aside your own bias when you tell someone else's story, the world would be an incredibly boring place if it was everything we believed it to be."

The video also addresses the sadly common assumption that women who cosplay just do it for the attention.

"Jamie Doran hits the mark when she says all cosplayers are doing this for the attention, highlighting specifically women who cosplay for attention is ridiculous," Kenreck said. "If a guy is walking around dressed a full set of Mass Effect armor, trust me, he wants attention and there nothing wrong with that. Sharing your love of something is half the fun."

Which is why there's so much value in going to shows that may be a bit outside your comfort zone to shoot these sorts of videos for a wider audience.

"I go to GeekGirlCon to hear a perspective that isn't inherently my own, that's how you grow as a human being," Kenreck said.

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