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Watch a Hearthstone match with cards from the Grand Tournament expansion

Hearthstone's upcoming expansion, The Grand Tournament, will add more than 130 new cards and a new "Inspire" mechanic to the card game when it launches next month. But you don't have to wait that long to see those new cards in action: During today's Hearthstone reveal event, a few cards from The Grand Tournament were featured in some exhibition matches, one of which you can watch above.

Some new cards appeared during those matches, including Kodorider, a 6-Cost 3/5 Minion with an Inspire ability that summons another 3/5 minion each time the player uses their Hero Power. A new Mage spell was featured, titled Effigy, a 3-Cost Secret that replaces a defeated minion for another minion with the same cost. Hunters get Ball of Spiders, a 6-Cost spell that summons three 1/1 Webspinners.

The video posted above is the final match between top-tier Hearthstone players Amaz, using a Shaman deck, and Trump, playing the Mage. There are a few interesting uses of the Inspire mechanic, which looks like it's about to turn Hearthstone's metagame completely on its ear.

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