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This Millennium Falcon toy is so big, you might have to get out and push (update)

Just a few weeks after Hot Toys showed off its 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon cockpit, the toymaker is bringing the entire model of the famous Corellian cruiser to Ani-Com and Games Hong Kong 2015 this week.

The show doesn't begin until tomorrow, but Toy Ark forum member thewriteguy and Twitter user Dr. Grimlock Is King have posted photos. The model is so big that it requires multiple people to set it up. Assembling an 18-feet by 12-feet model of the Millennium Falcon ain't like dusting crops, in other words.

It is, we're pretty sure, the greatest and most beautiful feat of toy engineering in the history of the galaxy far, far away. And it only gets more impressive when you see 1/6 scale stormtroopers and Darth Vader standing beneath it.

Yes, we're judging it by its size, but we're pretty sure Yoda will forgive us.

According to Hot Toys, the Falcon will be part of "the biggest Star Wars presence in the event," which will run July 24-28. Check out the images attached to the tweet for some closer looks. You can also browse the gallery of similarly impressive Star Wars toys from San Diego Comic-Con, including closeups of near-impossibly accurate representations of Leia Organa, Luke Skywalker, a scruffy-looking nerf herder named Han Solo and Darth Vader. Also a little-known bounty hunter called Boba Fett.

Earlier this year, we learned that smaller, more affordable Star Wars toys will arrive on Sept. 4, about three months before the next movie, Star Wars: The Force Wakens arrives in theaters on Dec. 11. Speaking of, why not watch the trailer again below to see the Falcon and also everything else that's awesome?

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