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This is why Rocket League is so much damn fun to play ... and watch

Soccer with cars doesn't sound like the sort of game that would attract the attention that the PlayStation 4 and Windows PC game Rocket League is getting.

I even thought it sounded a bit boring. But then I played it.

There's something about the game — some crazy mix of competition, trying to do the absurd under pressure and the possibility of the odd back-flipping explosion — that makes this game so much fun to play.


It's pretty straightforward: the goal is to knock the soccer ball into the opposing team's goal with your car. You can do this by ramming it, flipping into it or accidentally hitting it. If you hit a car hard enough it will explode.

That's it.

The game hit Steam on July 7 and so far about 300,000 people have already purchased it. And if I had to guess, you've seen more than one tweet about the game.

To understand what goes beyond the telling, watch these videos:

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