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Here's the $190, jaw-dropping Destiny action figure, and its exotic loadout

Upscale toy maker 3A just showed off your next big purchase: an amazing Destiny Titan figure hitting next week.

The 1/6th scale Titan is 12.6-inches tall, has more than 24 points of articulation, two sets of hands, battle-worn armor over a tailored cloth suit and Titan Mark and comes with three weapons.

The primary is a Shadow Price auto rifle, but the Titan also has a Felwinter's Lie shotgun and Zombie Apocalypse WF 47.

If you buy the Bambaland Exclusive Edition of the figure you also get a sweet Hawkmoon Exotic Hand Cannon. And all without a bit of grinding.

The figure goes on sale on July 27 Hong Kong time for $190 at the Bambaland Store.

Now enjoy this hi-res images of your next wallet buster.

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