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You can make your Fallout 4 companion call you 'Mr. Fuckface', among other names

The cast of companions in Fallout 4, Bethesda Game Studios' post-apocalyptic RPG, includes a robotic assistant named Codsworth who possesses a unique talent: He can say your name. Well, there's a good chance he can say your name — he was voiced by voice actor Stephen Russell (the man behind Thief protagonist Garrett), who did some extra work in the studio to personalize his performance.

"[Codsworth] does say your name, if you guys remember that," game director Todd Howard explained during the game's behind-closed-doors QuakeCon presentation. "So we had Stephen record, like, a thousand of the most popular names, as well as other things that we find people like to name their characters. Here's a sample of some of those names."

What followed was a clip showing a few of the names Codsworth was capable of recognizing and saying out loud:

  • Ms. Angela
  • Mr. Matthew
  • Mr. McFly
  • Ms. Katniss
  • Mr. Boobies
  • Mr. Fuckface

The latter example elicited uproarious applause from the panel's attendees, so the odds seem high that the Boston wasteland will have a large population of profanity-named adventurers when Fallout 4 launches Nov. 10. That, or everyone in the audience was named Angela and Matthew.

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