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Proton packs, turrets and other bizarre case mods from QuakeCon 2015

The main attraction at QuakeCon is the Bring Your Own Computer (BYOC) room. It's a cavernous ballroom filled with rows of tables, each hosting dozens of people playing dozens of different games at the same time. The variety of games being played between the hundreds of attendees never ceases to amaze — during a lap earlier today I saw a World of Warcraft leveling race, a Halo LAN match, two different people playing Final Fantasy 7 and, no exaggeration, maybe 50 matches of Rocket League.

For some, though, the BYOC room is a fashion show for their custom PC case mods — previous years have seen some pretty wild setups, including one case that had actual living fish inside of it. QuakeCon 2015 was no exception: Check out the gallery below to see some of the best PCs I found in the BYOC room this year, including the gorgeous Ghostbusters proton pack seen above.