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Pixels pulls in $24M in U.S. debut, can't push week-old Ant-Man from top slot

Critics already warned those hopeful for Adam Sandler's video-game-driven sci-fi comedy Pixels that it wasn't very good.

Now the box office seems to be confirming that with a dismal $24 million opening in the U.S., one of Sandler's lowest in his career. That opening weekend couldn't even muster the money to bump the week-old Ant-Man from the top slot.

Pixels, which cost about $88 million to make ($145 million including marketing, distribution, etc, etc.), doesn't seem likely to catch fire either, with critics giving it a woeful 18 percent and movie-goers a mixed 58 percent on Rotten Tomatoes.

Some publications are even openly wondering if the dismal showing could be the final nail in Sandler's career. Though, critics seem to have rarely liked even Sandler's breakout comedy hits.

If you want to listen to a critic eviscerate the movie as a "an unmitigated piece of god-awful dogshit" make sure you check this out.

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