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Watch an N++ level that automatically plays itself

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Back at E3, Super Mario Maker was among the games we found ourselves most excited about, in large part due to the incredible stages Nintendo showed off at the event — from a cruel, perverse remix of World 1-1 to a level that keeps you alive as long as you keep holding forward to a level that just straight-up plays itself.

However, Mario Maker isn't 2015's the only custom-level-driven platformer. N++, the sequel to the Xbox Live Arcade game released on the Xbox 360 back in 2007, finally launches on PS4 today, and it's already seeing some incredible player-created levels.

Above, watch "Don't Stop (auto)," a take on the Automatic Mario concept from PSN user xXCRAZYxWIZARDXx. If this is just scratching the surface of level generation in N++, we're already excited to see where the community goes next.

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