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Batman: Arkham Knight welcomes Batgirl this month in DLC from Arkham Origins dev

Batman: Arkham Knight's first story-based downloadable content, Batgirl: A Matter of Family, will arrive July 14 for those who purchased the game's season pass, publisher Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and DC Entertainment announced today.

The DLC will be available through the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live on July 21 for those without the $39.99 season pass. WBIE's press release says the Batgirl: A Matter of Family DLC will cost £5.79, which is about $9.

Set before the events of Arkham Knight, it marks the first time players will control Batman's female protégé. The DLC will include a new location, missions, side quests, a new hijacking feature and the ability to fight cooperatively with Robin.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family was developed by WB Games Montreal, the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins. "The remaining Batman: Arkham Knight Season Pass add-on content is under development by Rocksteady Studios," the press release reads.

Batgirl: A Matter of Family doesn't have a release date for PC, a version that's been plagued with problems since its release. WBIE pulled the PC game from sale shortly after it hit Steam. Today's press release says that the "PC version of the game will be available in the coming weeks."

For more Gotham's moodiest superhero and his latest foray into video games, be sure to read Polygon's Batman: Arkham Knight review, which calls it "the best game of this console generation." If you're already donning the cape and mask, press play to watch the Overview video below and learn about Mr. Wayne's essential upgrades.

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