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All-dude Ghostbusters has finished script, Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt eyed for leads (update)

We're still unclear how we'll adjust to seeing men as Ghostbusters, but a film based on that bizarre premise is still moving forward. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation writer Drew Pearce confirmed to MTV that a script for "GhostbustersBoys In the House" (our pretend title) was finished, with the Russo Brothers (of Captain America: Civil War) and original Ghostbusters director Ivan Reitman taking the lead.

Pearce also let it slip that the script had been conceived as a vehicle for Channing Tatum and Chris Pratt. "That’s definitely the cast we’ve been thinking about as we approach the project," Pearce told MTV. "Whether that happens or not is very much above my pay grade. It’s just my job to give them something exciting that maybe they’ll do."

The all-women Ghostbusters is still on track for a July 2016 release, but this dude-centric project is still far more amorphous it would appear. We're not sure what the grand plan is for the middle-school-dance-ification of the franchise will all congeal, but we'd bet it rhymes with "Marvel-esque cinematic universe."

UPDATE: Boy, we weren't kidding when we said this thing was amorphous. Since the release of this story, Reitman has basically dismissed the entire project in a written statement, saying "There is only one new Ghostbusters movie and that is the Paul Feig directed version coming next July, presently filming and going fantastically. The rest is just noise." Pearce also clarified on Twitter that he had completed a bible for the project, not a script and that his was a mixed gender team.

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