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The best Iron Man game is a modded Grand Theft Auto 5

JulioNIB has been creating mods for Grand Theft Auto games since 2012, like putting the Hulk and Spider-man in GTA 4. But his latest is the sort of creation that begs for its own game.

Earlier this week, Julio wrapped up a Grand Theft Auto 5 mod that drops Iron Man's Mark III armor into the game. He can fire repulsors from his hands, a unibeam from his chest and has flight and super strength.

What we don't get to see, and may not exist in the mod, is the Mark III's shoulder-mounted guns or flares.

But really, this is an amazing piece of work. Not only does it allow Julio to punt police cars like they're wadded-up pieces of paper, but if you keep watching the video you'll see him perform a flying elbow drop into a tank and palm a helicopter into the ground.


My favorite part of the mod, though, is how all of the AI characters act: exactly how you would if you saw some dude walking down the street in Iron Man armor.