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More Dragon Quest games could come to North America if Dragon Quest Heroes sells

Dragon Quest Heroes: The World Tree's Woe and the Blight Below is an action-RPG spin-off of the long-running role-playing series. It's also the first Dragon Quest game to make its way to North America since 2011. Numerous games in the series have been passed over for localization here, including 2012's Dragon Quest 10 and 2013's 3DS remake of Dragon Quest 7.

If you've been holding out hope to see those games in English one day, Square Enix says it's not too late. Speaking to Polygon at E3, Dragon Quest series executive producer Yuu Miyake was adamant that the team behind these RPGs wants to bring them to North America.

"We want to get them out here," Miyake said. "We really do! The Dragon Quest games are very text-heavy, so the time and the cost it takes to localize these and do it well is quite something. Business-wise, we have to think quite hard whether we'll make that money back from localizing to North America. It's always been a difficult decision. But the more you tell us, the louder the voices, the more likely we are to do it."

In particular, Miyake suggests fans vote with their wallets by picking up Dragon Quest Heroes.

"We're really using this as a kind of opening up of the market," he explained. "We can gauge whether the American people might want to go back after Heroes and see some of the other Dragon Quest games. Hopefully we could use that as leverage to get those out over here."

According to Miyake, Dragon Quest Heroes got chosen for localization where other games had been passed on "because it's an action game where all the characters are fully voiced."

"It's got more potential to sell here," he said.

Developed by Omega Force, a team most known for the Dynasty Warriors series, Dragon Quest Heroes takes the RPG franchise into a much more action-heavy direction. However, Koei Tecmo Games manager Tomohiki Sho was quick to stress that it does still contain the RPG elements that Dragon Quest fans want.

"The idea is not to take away from the traditional RPG style of Dragon Quest by making an action game," Sho said. "It's an action RPG, but it's still very much an RPG. We've kept as many traditional RPG elements in the game as we can. We've tried to keep it so it really feels like a Dragon Quest game."

Dragon Quest Heroes will include a complex leveling system, a lengthy story, a full party of playable adventurers and even the ability to team up with some of the most memorable monsters from the series' history. It will be released in North America on October 13 for the PlayStation 4. You can check out some footage of the game from last year's Tokyo Game Show below.

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