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New fixes out today for Ultra Street Fighter 4 on PS4

The PlayStation 4 version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 was released in May with numerous bugs and issues, which Sony's Third Party Production Group and Capcom have been seeking to fix ever since.

The latest update rolled out today, offering multiple fixes and tweaks. Interestingly, the harmless-seeming invitation for players to "Press Start" has been replaced. "'Press Start' isn't a bug," explains Sony. "it was originally left in intentionally as a tribute to Street Fighter 4's arcade roots, but due to players' requests, we have changed it to 'Press Options.'"

Such was the scale of the problems at launch, that the organizers of the Evo Championship Series in June opted to only use the Xbox 360 version of the game.

The full list, as detailed by the PlayStation Blog, is as follows:

  • "Skip" function mapped to Cross button during cinematics
  • Default character costume colors 11 & 12 are now unlocked
  • Anisotropic filtering improved on all stages and characters
  • Antialiasing added on all stages and characters
  • Reduced pixilation on various UI elements
  • Multiple audio balancing fixes
  • Addressed multi-hit audio issues
  • Increased resolution of visual effects
  • Sonic Boom graphical fix
  • Fixed multiple localization and font issues
  • Improved save functionality performance
  • "Press Start" replaced with "Press Options"*