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Watch the first new X-Files footage in seven years

Fox has a neat way to build up some hype for the new episodes of The X-Files that are coming early next year: Starting tonight, you can watch one episode of the original show per day, leading up to the premiere of the new episodes starting on January 24 of 2016.

x-files gif

The short video teaser provides an ultra-quick greatest hits look at the original show, but you'll be treated to a few moments of new footage with both Mulder and Scully, complete with guns and flashlights. It's not much, you could barely call this a teaser, but for those of us who grew up with the show this is still a bit on the amazing side.

"I've heard the truth Mulder," Scully says. "Now what I want are the answers."

Shivers, I tell you! Shivers! If you haven't checked out our guide to the show and why you should care, this is a great excuse.

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