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Take a look at the Game of Thrones Risk game

In Risk: Game of Thrones Edition, you play on a map of the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros as well as on the wider known world of Essos.

westeros risk

In a Wall Street Journal reveal today, the board game is being shown for the first time. Created by USAopoly under license from Hasbro and in partnership with HBO, it follows roughly the same rules of classic Risk, with additions.

On one side of the board, the Iron Throne is the ultimate prize as up to seven players battle across Westeros. An alternative board offers a two-player game across the landmass to the east of Westeros, featuring the geography generally associated with Daenerys Targaryen's struggles.

The game has more than 650 pieces including seven armies and 28 character cards as well as silver-foil stamps of House sigils.

Character cards allow players to access special boosts when playing under their aegis. For example, Cersei Lannister can be played after the conquest of three or more territories in a single turn, and allows players to draw an extra territory card.

risk pieces

Other additions include Maester cards offering battle boosts and Gold Dragon Coins which give the player extra wealth to spend on the pursuit of power. The game also offers special quest cards on the road to victory.

Risk: Game of Thrones Edition goes on sale next month for $74.95.

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