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Xbox One's latest update prepares for Windows 10 streaming and 360 compatibility

Xbox One owners will get a system update this week that paves the way for two new features: streaming games to Windows 10 and Xbox 360 backward compatibility.

According to Larry "Major Nelson" Hryb, Windows 10 streaming will be available alongside the operating system's release on July 29.

The update, which should be available now, won't look like much at this point. It's all about preparation.

"There are no new user-facing features in this release as the team focuses on the New Xbox One Experience that will be available later this year," Hryb wrote.

Microsoft previewed the New Xbox One Experience, an interface redesign, at E3 2015. You can see the changes — including Cortana integration and a redesigned user interface — in our coverage.

Also at E3 this year, Microsoft revealed that Xbox One will be backward compatible with Xbox 360 games. Those in the Xbox One Preview program already have access to that new feature, which launched with about 20 Xbox 360 games. It will become widely available later this year.

Preview program members also have access to the Windows 10 game streaming, a feature that lets Xbox One owners beam their games to Windows 10 PCs and tablets. Microsoft announced that feature, as well as other cross-platform goodies, at its January 2015 Windows 10 event.

E3 2015: More on Xbox One's backwards compatibility

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