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Stay back 500 feet from the Ghostbusters' new Ecto-1 station wagon

When they get a call, the new Ghostbusters will roll up to the paranormal scene in another old, white station wagon.

We know this because director Paul Feig published a pair of photos on Twitter this week. The all-female cast's new ride harkens back to the original Ghostbusters' 1959 Cadillac professional chassis. It's updated, sort of. But not much. It's mostly a boxy hearse from the '80s with sirens on top of sirens.

This being the internet, of course Feig faced some backlash. He responded to one angry tweeter who said the car "looks terrible" and accused the director of blocking or ignoring negative criticism.

"Not blocking or deleting," Feig wrote. "I hear you all and appreciate all your input, good or bad. Thanks."

He also showed off the back of the Ecto-1, which warns civilians to stand back and includes the ghoul-fighting team's classic logo.

This isn't the first time Feig revealed the movie's details on Twitter. Late last month, he showed off the also marginally updated proton pack. Before that, we saw them on set.

The new Ghostbusters — Leslie Jones, Kate McKinnon, Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy — will presumably not cross the streams at the reboot's July 2016 release. There's also a new, all-male Ghostbusters movie in the works.

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