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The Fall brings a nearly lifeless corpse to PS4 July 14

The Fall, its artificial intelligence-controlled combat suit and the mostly dead body inside will arrive on PlayStation 4 July 14, according to a post from developer Over the Moon Games founder John Warner this week on the PlayStation Blog.

Though the price hasn't been settled, Warner wrote in a comment that the developer is "targeting 9.99 USD." Probably not coincidentally, The Fall is available for that price on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

"Two years ago," Warner wrote, "I started creating a game based around a core idea — what if you played as an artificial intelligence on-board a futuristic combat suit, but the human inside the suit was injured and unable to move? What would you do?

"In The Fall, the answer is simple: take control of the suit and drag the lifeless, unconscious human inside of it towards medical help. Two years later, The Fall is complete. I'm glad to announce that it's every bit as weird as I had hoped it would be .... and I'm happier still to announce that The Fall will *ahem* descend onto PS4 in just a few short weeks, on July 14th."

Warner also addressed the future of The Fall, explaining why the next parts of the game will be paid updates.

"We're doing three segments priced accordingly as opposed to on upfront payment with a 'season's pass' or something like that... which would, in my opinion, create more problems than it solves," he wrote. "Having separate instalments is allowing us to upgrade the game a little each each instalment, so we're not dependant on the same code-base exactly. It's already having its advantages as we're developing part 2."

The PS4 version will arrive with new developer commentary. There aren't any plans for a PS Vita version, according to Warner.

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