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Speed Rundown: Learning the ropes, losing our minds with Gone Home

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I have long been fascinated by the video game speed running community, but have never attempted to learn their techniques and methods myself. With Summer Games Done Quick 2015 fast approaching, Nick and I decided to throw our hat over the fence and join the illustrious speed running ranks, kicking off our efforts with a new American classic: Gone Home.

How much technique, you may wonder, could possibly go into navigating a dark house, scouring its corners for letters and keepsakes? Loads. There's stair navigation, duck manipulation, shelf phasing, panel grabbing, milk throwing and the dreaded, run-killing Lonnie photo, a proper 100 percent run of Gone Home is chock-full of moments requiring nothing less than mastery. It's easily the hardest speed run we've ever attempted — and also ... like, the only one we've ever attempted.

You can figure out how to pick up speed running in the video above: a pilot we're tentatively titling Speed Rundown. Enjoy watching us slowly sink into insanity!

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