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Star Wars joins Mother Goose and friends in Little Golden Books lineup

Little Golden Books' latest tackles patricide, genocide, defenestration

After leaking in May — cover art and all! — Disney is taking advantage of San Diego Comic-Con to share some additional details of its upcoming Little Golden Books renditions of the Star Wars series.

All six books, covering all six of the Star Wars films released so far, will be available on July 28. A box set with all six books included will be released on September 1 ... but there are probably only three books that you really want, if you catch our drift.

If you're still hung up on how the world of Star Wars — with its blasters (guns) and lightsabers (uhh, laser swords) — fits with the guileless charms of Little Golden Books then ... think again?

"The Star Wars franchise has woven itself into the hearts and minds of generations of fans, many of whom read Little Golden Books as children," Jeanne Mosure, Senior Vice President, Group Publisher, Disney Publishing Worldwide said in a release, via EW. "We're very excited to be incorporating Little Golden Books into our overarching strategy so parents can now introduce their own children to the wonders of the galaxy through this classic format."

Basically, move along Poky Little Puppy and Little Red Hen, you're not the children's book icons parents are looking for.