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Battletoads' vinyl record soundtrack is stunning and not exclusive to SDCC

Beloved beat-em-up Battletoads isn't just being included in the Xbox One's Rare Replay Collection announced at E3 last month, the 90s game is getting some pretty amazing collectibles as well.

Developer Rare and art collective iam8bit teamed up to create an amazing Battletoads vinyl soundtrack which collects David Wise's original soundtrack from the game and puts it on a 180-gram record. The $25 album will come with an exclusive Sound Chip jacket and Dark Queen gatefold at San Diego Comic-Con. You can pick up the vinyl with different art after the show, according to Entertainment Weekly.



The two also teamed up to put together a 30th anniversary limited edition print by DKNG. The five-color, hand-pulled screenprint is 18 by 24 inches, features all 30 games from the Rare Replay Collection and is hand-signed and numbered. The prints sell for $50 each and there are only 400 of them.


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