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Watch someone beat Dark Souls' toughest boss using only his voice

Consider this a reminder that, with enough determination and skill and sheer perseverance, even the most impossible tasks — and yes, defeating all of Dark Souls using only your voice counts as one such task — become possible.

You can witness this maxim by way of the above video showing the game's hardest boss fight, Ornstein and Smough, being felled by nothing more than the power of Benjamin "Bearzly" Gwin's voice. On a Reddit post detailing his endeavor, Gwin said the technique had been suggested "many times." He added:

I used VoiceAttack ( to translate voice controls into keyboard presses. For the most part the detection was good, but the latency was around 1.5 seconds, and commands couldn't be chained together quickly. I ended up with a wide variety of commands (including some complex macros) but it was still extremely difficult.

30 hours of suffering, almost losing my voice several times, and 485 deaths later, I finally completed the game. 111 of those deaths were to O+S alone, not even counting the deaths on the way to the boss. I considered giving up and summoning Solaire a few times, but in the end I persisted and won the fight solo.

Of course, this isn't Gwin's first rodeo and by rodeo we mean successful attempt to beat the notoriously challenging Dark Souls using unorthodox input devices, or "terrible controllers" as he puts it on his Twitch channel.

Here's Gwin beating Ornstein and Smough using a Donkey Konga bongo drum controller from the Gamecube.

Last September Gwin used a Rock Band controller to beat the game in a little over 11 hours, itself an impressive run for most humans using two hands and a gamepad.

A few months later he did it again ... using a drum controller.

He also did it using one hand and a gamepad.

Was voice control Gwin's Everest, or is there a higher, more dangerous peak to be scaled? You can follow along on his Twitch channel if "30 hours of suffering" sounds like a good time to you. (Ed. note: It does to us).

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