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Sonic Movie Maker is the most world-shakingly horrifying game we've played all year

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I'm... okay, look. I am not sure we're even allowed to post this? Like... I don't know, dude. This is honestly pretty messed up. Yikes.

Let's back up a bit: maybe you saw yesterday when Griffin and I posted our playthrough of "Make My Sonic," the first – and least horrific – of the four titles included in Arcane Kids' newly released Sonic Dreams Collection. Like the headline suggests, that character creator was just the very beginning of the otherworldly horrors this compilation holds.

Above, watch us play "Sonic Movie Maker," perhaps the darkest (and certainly the most distressingly psychosexual) game in the entire set.

Uhh... Sonic Dreams Collection is available now from, which is an actual, functional URL. The password is "grandpa." You have been warned.

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