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Explore the wondrous creations of Germany's PC casemod competition

Gamescom is such a massive hit with gamers and game makers around the world because of its eclectic approach to hosting both a public and press show about all things gaming.

At the top of the list of things that aren't games, but are definitely worth checking out, is the show's annual case mod competition.

The 14th German CaseMod Championship (DCMM) ran from Aug. 5 to Aug. 9 and included not just a showcase of some of the most impressive new case mods from around the world, but also a 24-hour, live modding challenge which has teams of case modders building new creations on the fly.

This year's big show broke entries down into five categories:

  1. CaseMods: These are your regular, run of the mill computer case modifications.
  2. CaseCons: Entirely self-planned and self-constructed cases.
  3. CE Mods: A fascinating sub-category that recreates regular consumer electronics with a twist. Often this includes things like external hard drives that look like med kits or other items pulled from games.
  4. Cases on the Move: These are casemods, casecons and CE Mods with moving parts.
  5. 24-Hour Challenge: Two-member teams spend 8 hours a day, for three days, building a case from the same parts at the show.

The biggest winner this year around was master modder Ali Abbas who captured the CaseMod category with his "67th Brigade" case and the CaseCon, Most Spectacular Creation and Cases on the Move categories with "Ragnar's Revenge." He also managed to snatch second place in the special themed category (Beauty Case) by teaming up with Johannes Loew to build Amazing Grace.

Below you'll find a video tour by Abbas of "Ragnar's Revenge" as well as a photo gallery of some of the more spectacular creations. All photos come from the DCMM.