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Xbox 360 DLC 'should work as expected' on Xbox One, with backwards compatibility

With the November launch for Xbox 360 backwards compatibility on Xbox One still several months out, it's not surprising that some details are still being nailed down. One of the details that hasn't been clear is how downloadable content for Xbox 360 games will work on Xbox One. In response to a question on Twitter, Xbox chief Phil Spencer had this to say:

"It should work as expected" is reassuring, although not as reassuring as "it does work as expected" accompanied by a description of the expected behavior. But Microsoft, and Spencer, have been eager to win back the trust of their audience and the introduction of backwards compatibility — remember, it was Xbox's own Don Mattrick who (in)famously said "If you're backwards compatible, you're really backwards" — is a huge part of that strategy.

As brought up by the above question on Twitter, the entire Gears of War series is coming to Xbox One and includes plenty of DLC map packs. With "hundreds" of games expected to be compatible come November, the question of how DLC purchases will perform will only become more pressing.

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