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Join us in the Caves of Qud, and meet our friend the man-camel

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Caves of Qud is a retro roguelike from Freehold Games, the same team behind Sproggiworld. In development for years now, it was just released on Steam last month and now features a graphical tileset, a big change from the original ASCII art.

It takes place in a bizarre, post-apocalyptic world set many hundreds or perhaps thousands of years in the future. We begin along the ragged edge of The Great Salt Desert, Moghra-yi. Charlie and Danielle must help the waterfarmers, who have been having trouble with their crops. Their only weapon is a steel sword, an iron will and a deeply troubling set of fantastical mutations.

Would you follow a leader with eyes behind his back? Dare you to meet a man-camel? Find out, in our Overview.

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